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Pictures of Steamplates products will be placed here as time permits;

When viewing these gallery pictures, remember that It is very difficult to take pictures of freshly polished plates because flash light is so harsh and bounces back. Our plates look quite different in plain daylight, but we can't show you that here.

A 'Splasher' style advert plate placed somewhere discreet on the Echill's Wood Railway.

See if you can spot in on your next visit!

Two of the Twelve (12) plates recently made for a brand new Showman's Engine 'Queen Elizabeth II' built in celebration of the Queen's 90th Birthday.

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Memorial Plaque made in honour of Dr. Brian Rogers, founder of the 7 1/4" Gauge Society in time for their 2016 AGM.
Owner's plate now sunning itself in Australia
10" x 2.5" x 3/8" thick plate recently made for a private client.
Owner's plates made for full size Traction Engines, note the difference in text.
A Curved plate made for a full size Traction Engine in Australia.

See our Curved Plates page for more information on ordering these.

An unusual commission to make two 'Emmet' style plates for a Loco being built in Canada.
One of our Engraved Plates - it's very difficult to take a good photograph of these.

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Exact scale plates made for a miniature London Metropolitan Transport Bo-Bo Electric Locomotive. The original plates no longer exist, so we worked from one that does, although that one had different lettering.

These are the most complex and difficult plates we've been commissioned to make up to date. The drawing and programming time alone totalled some 12 hrs, and lots more were spent in machining and finishing them. Jobs like this never pay their costs, let alone make a profit, but they do add to our experience and knowledge. If ever I get asked to make others the investment of time spent on the drawings may yet produce some benefit in terms of payback.

Every now and then I am comissioned to make something special and unusual.
This is one of those jobs, 10" x 2.5" and 1/4" thick Brass.

More unusual plates, but this time it's the shape that sets them apart.
Another special made for a full size Foden Steam Waggon almost restored and back in steam.
This plate style is becoming very popular.

We now make bespoke, fully finished Station Totem (and similar) signs in Aluminium or Cast Iron.

The Totem signs shown above were made for Gent's Outfitters Ted Baker, and can be seen at their St. Pancras Station Outlet.

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The owner of this Loco has a sense of humour and a liking for the cult TV sitcom 'Father Ted'.

Perfectly accurate plates made for a 1/4 scale Port Class Hunslet after tracing photographic images of the original plates.

To see more of our accurate Hunslet plates click HERE

More perfectly accurate Hunslet plates

To see more of our accurate Hunslet plates click HERE

Another special commission.

Perfectly accurate plates made for a 1/4 scale Hudswell Clark Loco painstakingly created by tracing photographic images of the original plates.

Full size reproduction plates made for 'Townsend Hook', freshly preserved at Amberley Steam Museum.

A special Traction Engine name plate commission.

The lettering style was well chosen by the client, triggering memories of the T.V. show 'The Munsters'.

Some plates made using a lettering style which is becoming quite popular for Traction Engines.

For me they conjure up strong images of Brunel.

One of our Miniature Registration or Number Plates

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A 13" plate made for my Harrison Lathe, the originals being unobtainable, even second-hand!

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Huge Headboard made for the Rail Operations group, newly founded in 2013.

Our Headboards go up and down the Country on a daily basis.

A pair of bespoke 3" works plates made to a builder's requirements

Plates with an unusual font style, presumably intended for an Indian owned Narrow Gauge Loco?

To see these plates 'at home' on the Loco, click HERE

Small scale reproduced plates.

To see another page showing our smaller plates, click HERE

Accurate sale GWR cabside plates with the extra border often omitted from many miniature versions.

For more information on our GWR plates, click HERE

Accurate GWR splasher plates made for a 5" gauge Loco

For more information on our GWR plates, click HERE

Some of the smallest plates we make with raised letters are seen on this Smokebox Ring.

To see another page showing more of our smaller plates, click HERE

This memorial plaque can be seen somewhere on the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway.
It's a fitting tribute to an avid volunteer.
Plates made to exact scale (7.25" Gauge) from good photographs taken by the customer. Note how unusual both of these types of plates are, the lettering was obviously crammed in on the originals and there is little space between the letters and corners.

Suitable photographs are quite difficult to take, they need to be exactly 90 degrees on, and must be taken in good lighting condtions as flash would simply bounce back into the camera lens.

In a similar way, its very difficult for me to take pictures of freshly finished and polished plates as the light is very harsh and bounces back so well. They look quite different in daylight.

Another of our Miniature Registration or Number Plates

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Here's something quite different, apologies for the poor picture quality but you'll get the idea.
A plate made for a less frequent purpose - this is a reproduction plate made for a restored Narrowboat.

It will be mounted in the Engine Room, announcing who the Engine makers were with pride.

This plate was supplied on a 'paint it yourself' basis, something we don't normally do, but it was a special case. Two bespoke colours were required, but our specialised Enamel, colour matched to order is only supplied in minimum 1 Ltr quantities. For 2 bespoke colours, that would cost 240 alone, expense we could not justify for colours that may never be used again.

An oval plate made for a Traction Engne owner with a sense of humour!
Special plate announcing someone's passion.
A smaller scale plate made to replace the kit supplied, etched version. This allows personalisation as the number can be changed, the etched items were all the same - No. 4000.
Whilst on the subject of replacement, here's a much more suitable Brass plate made to displace a plastic item.

A group of plates made for a large scale model of a well-known Showman's engine.

Another piece of work for the owner of 'King Carnival II' to compliment the plates shown above.

Full size reproduction Traction Engine works plate.
6" scale Traction Engine name plates
Here's another 6" Foden Nameplate
Yet more 6" Foden plates
Plates made for a very unusual, full scale Portable Engine

To see more of our Larger and Full Scale Plates, click HERE

Plaque made for Cellar Gate 6.5" x 4.75" x 1/4" thick Brass

Bespoke House Name plate and Bell Pull plate.

Bespoke House Number plate made to match small window panes of the same shape.

Small plates

These plates measure just 3.25" x 0.5".

Smaller plates cost less in materials but have the same costs as larger ones in terms of enamelling etc. Smaller tools have to be used to cut the lettering at slower feed rates, resulting in overall cost not far off a plate twice the size.

A good way of illustrating this effect is to think about the cost of Jewellery, not very large against other metalworking items but often more expensive, even when made in cheaper metals.

Wheel Blanks made for a Timmins Regulator

Another unusual job - specially made scale chequer plate made for a Traction Engine Toolbox Lid.

To see this job fitted where it was intended, click HERE

14" nameplates made for a Traction Engine.
Logo for and Works Plate 6" scale Foden Steam Waggon.

Plates approximately 100mm x 25mm.

I actually got round to making these for one of our own Locos, a 3" Scale Bagnall specially built for us by Alan Ruston.

The name 'Woodbine' was chosen because it works on two levels;

The off the cuff reply, when asked "Why?" is "Because it smokes!"

On a more serious level, many Bagnall NG engines are named 'Pixie' after the famous full-scale loco. I wanted something related but different. I chose 'Woodbine', the name of another type of mythical creature belonging to the fairy (faerie) family.

Plate approximately 10" x 1.75" made for a larger scale Traction Engine

Larger plates made for a Steam Roller

Renaming of Locomotives and Traction Engines is becoming quite popular when they change hands, it isn't bad luck to do so either, unlike Ships and Boats.

The owner gets the chance to improve the quality of the plates into the bargain.

An interesting challenge came with the request to make these Smokebox Dart plates. They're 8mm thick. The client had tried to make a casting pattern but given up as the detail was too difficult to provide. He's happy now!

I actually got around to making these plates for one of my own 7.25" Locos.
A great name for a Steam Loco, thought up by my Wife.

12.5" x 2.5" plates

Something a little different. This plate was made for a full size Traction Engine living in Ireland.

Here's a beautiful 6" scale Tasker owned by Herr Mootz of Germany. We were proud to be asked to play a small part in it by making the nameplate.

Pictures courtesy of Rainer Mootz

More plates for a 1/3rd scale 7.25" Lynton and Barnstaple loco

After receiving his plates, the owner wrote 'They look superb, well done indeed. You have my grateful thanks.' '

Plates for a 'Sweet Pea' loco.

After receiving his plates in the post, owner Colin Bell kindly wrote to me;

'Hi Steve,

Plates arrived safely yesterday. They are excellent. I must say, I didn't expect such good quality. They have really exceeded my expectations. I am sure people will comment on them when I am running and I will certainly keep your details in my driving truck. Once again many thanks.



Bespoke Works plates for a Fowler Loco.

These plates were drawn up from a photo the owner sent in, the number was changed to his liking.

The job took a lot of drawing time before any metal was cut, this is something that has to be reflected in the final price, although if accurate scale versions are important it's the only way to go. A set of cheap or badly made plates can spoil many years of hard work. You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

After receiving his plates in the post, the owner of the Fowler, Frank Stephen wrote;

'Thank you for the service and my plates. I am very pleased with them. They look just right on the cabside'

Here's something that's just that little bit different.

James had a nameplate for his Traction Engine made by us a couple of years ago, and now he needed a Makers / Owners Plate. We drew it up for him and sent him a picture, then he had the idea of adding Cornwall's regional flag. What a great idea!

The Cornwallian flag is a white cross on a black background, so a small compromise was made, leaving the cross Brass coloured.

Pictures courtesy of James Dawe

This plate includes the smallest letters we can cut to a cast like depth.

The 'D' in 'Ltd' is just 2mm (0.080") tall. The main letters are 3.5mm tall (0.140").

To see these plates 'at home' on the Loco, click HERE

To see another page showing our smaller plates, click HERE

There won't be any prizes for guessing for whom this plate was made.

The real point is that it was made exactly to scale using a good photograph, taken exactly square on and in daylight with no flash. When I manage to find the original photo I will place it here for comparision.

To visit the Alan Keef Ltd. website, click HERE

I didn't find the original photo used to make the miniature version, although in some ways this picture is better.

Before being handed over to the company, the miniature plate was temporarily attached (with Blu-Tack!) below the original plate during the open day 22nd Sept. 2012.

This also demostrates a useful method for 'spotting through' plate mounting holes after allowing you to get the final positioning just right.

Before you attempt this, ensure that the Blu-Tack is nice and warm beforehand, it sticks better. Put it in your trouser pocket (whilst still in its wrapping) for half an hour or so and it'll work just fine.

Here's one of our larger sized plates, some 14" long and 3" at the widest point.

Drawn to the customer's requirements, shape isn't any barrier for our products.

To see more of our Larger and Full Scale Plates, click HERE

A smaller plate (5 1/2" x 1 1/16" ) destined for a 6" scale Foden steam lorry.

The customer wrote;

'I got my plate in the post this morning, thank you, it's gorgeous!'

These 6" Foden Hubcaps were engraved and enamelled for Steam Traction World after making their logo as a demostration piece. Until that time the STW logo only existed as a graphic. We traced their artwork to produce a Brass copy.

To visit the Steam Traction World website click HERE

These 4.5" scale" Foden Hubcaps were engraved and enamelled for a customer of Steam Traction World
Plates made to exact scale from a photograph. They were made for a 7.25" Isle of Man 0 6 0 loco which was built to exact scale by measuring up the full sized Loco. The plates were made using good photographs as a beginning.

The 6 border positioned mounting holes are a departure from more common plate mounting practice, but exactly as seen on the prototype.

To see all of Caledonia's plates, along with photos of the original plates used to draw the miniature versions, click HERE

Another, larger plate (8.5" x 2") destined for a 4" scale Traction Engine.

To see this plate fitted where it was intended, click HERE

A trio of plates made for Herr Feilbach of Germany.
This type of plate, made with 'lands' for the mounting bolts included in the border is a traditional choice for Traction Engines but was seldom used for Railway Locos.
A larger sized oval plate made to finish off a historic building.

Here are a couple of our larger plates, 12" x 2" and 3/16" thick.

Both of these plates were ordered for 6" scale Traction Engines.

You can see the Prometheus plate on the engine by clicking HERE

You can see the Black Pearl plate on the engine by clicking HERE

I really liked the unusual style of this Simplex plate, and here's my own take on it.

A full size replica of a Skoda Locomotive plate, made for a Museum.

The customer wrote;

'Got the Skoda plate yesterday. You have done a splendid job, almost certainly better

than the original. I'll recommend you to anyone looking for a high-class plate.'

One of a pair of full size Narrow Gauge plates made for Alan Keef Ltd. on behalf of a customer of theirs.

When the plates were delivered, Phil Kent said;
"These truly are the Rolls-Royce of plates".
We're pleased you liked them Phil.

To visit the Alan Keef Ltd. website, click HERE

To see the plates in their new home, click HERE

Plates made for a Full Size Traction Engine

To see more of our Larger and Full Scale Plates, click HERE

One of our specialist, smaller plates.

This is the maker's label of a Showman's Engine Dynamo made to exact miniature scale

And here's another.

Special order Aluminium plates. These look better with the brushed finish shown as opposed to being polished.

To see more of our Aluminium Alloy plates, click HERE

LARGE plates!

These measure 23" x 2.5" and now with a very pleased owner of a newly named 10.25"
Gauge loco. Look up Lt. Chard V.C. - a very brave and interesting man he was - RIP.

To see more of our Larger and Full Scale Plates, click HERE

6" diameter plates made for a new (private) 10.25" Railway

More large plates, 18" x 2.5"

A pair of plates 10" and 12" long, made for a 6" scale Traction Engine

A plate made for a Traction Engine owner also in possession of a sense of humour.

At rallies, the first things people often ask him are;

"How fast does it go?"
"How much did it cost?"

When he answers the latter question, they often exclaim " 'Ow much!?.........."

You'll know how it goes from here...!

A 12" x 4" plate made for a Traction Engine Owner

A 13.5" plate made for another Traction Engine Owner