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How to Contact Steamplates

We respond to every enquiry received and guarantee you'll get a reply!


The phone is often unmanned or not in earshot.
It is always better to contact us by E mail so we can give your enquiry our best attention.

To contact us by E mail, our address is

You can go straight to the order and dimensions page and then copy and paste the information into an E mail.

To do that click HERE


Click here for our postal address details.


01905 759874 - A great way to send us a drawing.


Office 01905 759874 Often unattended or unheard. Not the best way to contact us.

Mobile 07811 269186 You can send us a text even when this phone is switched off.

If you don't get a reply....

I'm sure you'll understand that it is very risky to publish your address on the internet and then tell the world you are a way on a Holiday or a Business trip.

If you don't get a speedy reply, it may be due to either of those and I'll get back to you on my return.