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Steamplates Products

Miniature (and full size) Black and Silver Numberplates for Steam applications

As we progress the Steamplates business, new products are developed.

Our new miniature numberplates cater for the many Traction Engine and Steam Waggon owners who have requested them. They are made of Aluminium alloy with the letters cut in relief (raised letters and border). Full sized numberplates use an embossing process to give apparently raised characters using special jigs and dies, but these are very expensive and not available in any scale size at all.

The problem is solved using CNC milling of the relief, something which we are very experienced in doing. The background is finished our high-quality enamelling, just like our Brass nameplates. The surface of the Aluminium (letters and border) can have a brushed finish or taken on to be polished, the latter naturally being the most expensive.

Scale size can be worked out against full sized numberplates or made to suit the owner's specified requirements. Practically any size from 1 1/2" wide and 1/2" high right up to full scale and beyond. Mounting holes can be drilled to the customer's dimensions.


Aluminium machines like chewing gum, it is no use at all for the level of detail I put into lettering. To deal with that problem I use a specially hard grade of Aluminium Alloy. This is more difficult to get hold of, so orders can take a little longer to fill.

Square Numberplates

Oblong Numberplates

At last there is a way to get scale numberplates for our pride and joy!

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