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How to order your plates

Ordering your plates is easy!

Simply send us your required dimensions along with any drawings / pictures by E Mail and we'll do the rest;

Using your dimensions we'll provide a cost estimate PER PLATE. If you are happy with the estimated cost and decide to go ahead, let us know and we'll begin the design process. We'll draw up the job using CAD software.

We'll then send you a picture of the finished item (actual size) by E Mail which you can print and try out in-situ.

NOTE that all of our drawings and artwork are covered by full Worldwide copyright and may not be shared or used by anyone else, personally or otherwise.

Once the design is approved we'll make the plate(s) and post them to you, it's that simple.

We need as much information as possible to produce plates to your satisfation.

Drawings, Photographs etc. will all help. Measurements and shape are naturally important, and we must have some idea of the style of text and backgorund colour you need (pictures are ideal for this).

If you are following an existing protoype plate, scaling it down is a relatively simple matter, but freelance plates are not as simple to design either in terms of size and proportion.

To help you with that, here is a page designed to help you with Plate Proportions - Click HERE

Curved Headboard or 'Splasher' plates are by far the most difficult to measure up and we need plenty of information to get them right. To help you with that, visit our Curved Plates page - Click HERE

Locomotive Plate Tip;

Don't be tempted to simply quote the gauge of your Loco (e.g. 5" Gauge) as this tells us nothing about the scale it was built to.

For more info. on this click HERE

You can view some of the varying plate shapes we can produce by clicking HERE

Most computers have a version of MS Word which can be used to make a mock-up of a plate to the desired size using the many fonts available.

You can view some of the most popular lettering styles (fonts) by clicking HERE

To see the enamel colours we have available click HERE

A template posted or Emailed to us is also a very good idea although in the case of raduised splasher plates (or any kind of curved plate) we need at least one of the major radii to work with. We don't charge for doing the initial drawings because we cannot price the job in terms of machining time until that has been done. We can research the style, size and lettering of original (prototype) plates but that has additional cost. You might choose to do that yourself - It can be a very enjoyable process.

To get some guidelines on the information we will need, go to the Required Dimensions page.

There is no point in sending an estimate request unless you have included dimensions for us to work with - we can't price a job until we know what is to be made.

How Much do Plates Cost?

We can't tell you that until we know what you need, how much material and machining time the job will take.

What we can say is that our bespoke plates are not cheap. To offer you the best possible quality we invested a lot of money in machining facilities, software, enamelling equipment and all the other things that go into making a business. With that investment now made we produce the best plates available anywhere in the world, but we cannot complete with cheap, mass-produced items. Every plate made here is a hand made, 'one off' item.

When considering if a good set of plates is 'worth it', it helps to compare their cost to other items you buy to build a model:

Cylinder Castings (not even finished or machined)
Mechanical Lubricators
Vacumn Brake Actuator Valves
Water Level Gauges, Whistles, the list goes on...

The plain fact is that not many things in the Steam World are cheap, and plates are often the first thing people look at. You never get a second chance to create a first impression.

Our Plates are sold as they are produced - Singly, not in pairs or sets.

This helps to simplify requests for Smokebox Banners, Stationary Engine Plates and Traction Engine Plates which are often 'one off's'. Actually, every plate we make is a totally unique 'one off.'

The cost of our plates is made up as follows;

Raw Material cost

Machine time

e.g. Polishing and / or Enamelling.

Click HERE to see a finished example.

Click HERE to see the enamel colours avialable

We do not charge for the first job drawn up in CNC software or making small changes afterward. We do charge for drawing (40 / Hr) if you change your mind on plate style / design after we have followed your original instructions.

View Your Drawing

Before production begins, your drawing can be viewed in 3D by clicking this link View Drawing
Drawings can be seen by anyone on any computer connected to the internet. You can also send a page link to anyone, anywhere in the world. This is especially useful for people who do not have internet access. They can see their plate preview on anyone's computer.

Once the drawing has been approved your completed plates will be sent out using your chosen postal method, normally within 14 days.


We have tried to make payments easy for everyone, whether abroad or in UK.

For payment details click HERE

Our Postal and Telephone contact details can be found by clicking HERE

Sending Dimensions

To send us the dimensions and other details of the plates you like made, click HERE

If you don't get a reply....

I'm sure you'll understand that it is very risky to publish your address on the internet, and then tell the world you are a way on a Holiday or a Business trip.

If you don't get a speedy reply, it may be due to either of those and I'll get back to you on my return.