NNGR - Our Locos and Rolling Stock

As (if!) I get time I will be putting up pictures of the NNGR locos on this page. As we get better pictures and when the locos are running on our Railway (We haven't run Steam on it yet) they will gradually get replaced.

Anyhow, here is a fitting start - My MJ Enginering Bagnall of 4" Scale. This was my first loco, seen here just as I finished its paint job some 5 years ago, and just after it got its cast nameplates. I named it 'Tan Draig' which loosely translates to 'Dragon's Fire'. These plates were made in the time-hounoured way by spending weeks of my spare time making a pattern for the foundry. Not any more!

This MJ design is very good, producing a good sized and powerful engine but one that is still relatively easy to transport. I recommend it to anyone who likes NG Locos for its character, passenger hauling ability and relative ease of construction.

You can go straight to the MJ Engineering website by clicking HERE

This is one of our Petrol Hydrostatic Locos 'Bocs Gwrydd' (Trans. Green Box). A the time this picture was taken it was the only Loco to run on the NNGR and hadn't had its name plates made yet.

Our 4" scale Quarry Hunslet 'Cloister' waiting to join the main loop from the railing ramp. Cloister was the first Steam Loco to run on the NNGR (late May '09). The chassis of this Loco was built by Milner Engineering, the copper Boiler came from the legendary John Ellis. The paint, Nameplates and tender came from yours truly.

Here is our new 3" Scale Bagnall No 2087 sitting in readiness for its first proper run on the already legendary Echills Wood Railway situated at Kingsbury Water Park (Late June 2009)

I'm sure this loco will be mistaken for 'Sweet William' many times, although in reality it is nothing like. This is a completely new design which was measured, scaled and drawn from the full size version by my friend Alan Ruston. Alan is well known as the designer of the popular 3" scale Hunslet 'Elidir' which he drew back in 1979.

Notice the authentic sandboxes, steam manifolds feeding the cylinders and correct valve gear. The Boiler is made of Copper, having the correct type of marine firebox. I was lucky enough to convince Alan into building a second Bagnall for me, now it is a prized possession. Alan has his own Bagnall of course, being the first of the new design to be built. Peter Wardle of BSME built a second example using Alan's drawings and castings. Mine is the third of the line. These three sister locos are totally unique as a group, I am hoping to get the other two visiting and running on the NNGR sometime in the near future. It would be the first time all three sisters could ever be in one place whilst in running condition. If it happens, I'll write an article on it.

In any event, after the picture was taken, the loco ran just as all of Alan's other Locos do, like a well built clock. I'm not the most experienced driver in the world but 2087 took herself, a sit astride coach and 3 sizeable adults all the way round the 3/4 mile circuit several times whilst producing steam to spare and no problems of any kind.

Here are our two tipping trucks or 'Skips', seen at work on the NNGR
Here is our slate wagon, bought soley to give our Dog (Polly) a safer ride.

This has become universally known as the 'Polly Trolley'

Here are a couple of pictures of our Bimpson 7.25" loco taken at the Echill's Wood Railway.

This loco is actually a Petrol Hydraulic, although it often fools even the owners of Steam Locos.

The loco has just had a new engine and is undergoing a refit, including a vacumn brake installation. Her plates were quite scruffy so we'll make some new ones, taking the opportunity to rename her 'Cogio' ( Welsh; 'to feign' or 'to pretend'. A new set of works plates finished the job off.

The loco has a 9HP engine, the power of which can never be fully transmitted by the Eaton Hydrostatic unit, but that wasn't the point. Cogio easily hauls a train like this full of passengers but with the engine running only at idle RPM. That makes for less noise, less pollution and less fuel.

The latest addition to the NNGR steam fleet, 0 6 0 'Cwecholwyn'. Based on 'Romulus' this loco has a Copper Boiler and Walshaert's Valve Gear.

Another Cwecholwyn picture, just because I like it. Note the Oval Works Plate.