Steam Plates
Steam Related Plates Tailor Made to Your Requirements.

How our service works;

To make your plates we need dimensions, it cannot be done by guesswork.

We consult directly with you to make your plates exactly the way you want them. The process is quick and simple, the more information we have now, the quicker the job can be done. Plates are normally manufactured and posted out to you within 14 days of receiving your final approval of the design.

There are just 5 easy steps to get your plates made and fitted;

Stage 1. Dimensioning.
Enter the required dimensions and other information* in the boxes below.
If you need any more info. on required dimensions, click HERE
Press the 'Submit Dimensions' button and send from your E Mail facility.

*If you need a scale version of a prototype, a good picture will help to speed up the process immensely.

Stage 2. Drawing.
We don't charge for drawings. When the job has been drawn up we will send you a picture of the finished plate.
We may also place a picture on the 'View your Drawing' page.

Stage 3. Approval
When you are fully satisfied with the design we can move on to costing.

Stage 4. Costing /Pricing
When we know exactly what is to be made, the cost of raw materials and machining time can be calculated. We will Email you a full breakdown of costs and a total.

Stage 5. Production and Posting
We make your plates to the level of finish required, drill any mounting holes, then post them out to you.
(For post within UK we recommend Royal Mail Special Delivery as it is insured and trackable).

Dimensioning, Plate Style and Specification

Name ( & title, Mr, Mrs etc.)

Area in which you live

E mail address

We have a firm policy on 'junk mail'.
Your E mail or street address will NOT be added to any mailing list.

Application (Steam or other Loco, Traction Engine, Steam Boat Etc.)

Wording, Numbering or Name required on Plate(s) (We rely on the spelling here, it is worth checking first)

Amount of plate(s) required (Single plates are fine with us!)

Shape of plate(s) required (Oblong, Square, Oval, Curved or any other shape you desire)

Length including any border(s)

Width or Height including any border(s)

Material (Brass, Gunmetal, Aluminium, Cast Iron Etc.)

Overall Thickness of Material (Non-Ferrous Strip mostly comes in imperial sizes)

Depth of Relief or Engraving (Choose which, e.g. 0.060" Relief)

Width of Border (between Inner and Outer Edges)

Lettering Style (Font, Type face Etc.)

Diameter and Number of Mounting Holes (e.g. 2 x 0.125")

Colour of Enamel finish (Click HERE to view Colours)

What is your preferred payment method if we proceed? (No details required at this stage)

1. Cash
2. Cheque
3. BACS (Bank Transfer)
4. PayPal (Only accepted as paid to a friend or relative)

Now click on the 'Submit Dimensions' button.

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We'll attend to your request as soon as we can. Do keep in mind that we often get 100 E mails a day!

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