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Steamplates Products

Metal Plates for any Steam application

We produce the highest possible quality metal plates with letttering or logos engraved or cut in relief (raised) for any steam application. Plates can be made of Brass, Aluminium and Cast Iron. Sizes range from 2.5" Gauge right up to full size for Locos and from 1.5" Scale to full size for Traction Engines and Steam Waggons.

Note that we don't produce seperate lettering or make any patterns unless special arrangements are made.

All of our Plates can be supplied as;

Polished Face and Edges (Engraved Plates)

Fully Finished - Polished face and Relief Enamelled in your Chosen colour with required mounting holes drilled

Plate Shape

Oblong or Square plates
Curved plates
Circular and Toroidal (Polo Mint shaped) plates
Oval plates
Custom (any) shape plates

Metal Plaques for Buildings (Interior and Exterior)

We make bespoke, high quality Metal Plaques for buildings etc. with either engraved engraved text or releif (raised) text and graphics in 2D or 3D in sizes up to 8 Ft x 4 Ft
Wooden Signs (Interior and Exterior)
We also make bespoke, high quality Wooden Signs for buildings etc. with either engraved text or relief (raised) text and graphics in 2D or 3D in sizes up to 8 Ft x 4 Ft.

Panels can be joined, making the size unlimited.

Here are some of the raised letter sings we are making for the Echills Wood Railway
in readiness for the 7.25" AGM. The material is Moisture Resistant MDF.

Here you can see those signs being carved out of an 8' x 4' sheet.

Note that this 30,000 facility runs at 145.00 and hour without allowing for materials and drawing time. I have had requests to make similar sized signs for others with different wording, but it must be clear that the Totem signs cannot be made for less than 150.00 each, supplied unpainted.

In effect, everything we make is of pattern quality, which comes at a cost and a price.
It is not just a piece of Wood any longer!