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When you are happy with the layout etc. and give the 'go ahead', the job will move to production.

Mr S., a Model Steam Road Vehicle Society (MSRVS) member wanted a plate made in the style of the one shown in this picture
Here is a representation of the finished plate

And these for a 5" gauge loco
Front plate for Ruston Diesel in Aluminium
Two alternative text styles for a 5" Gauge 'Sweet Pea'

Plates for a 6" Traction Engine
Plates for Roanoke Diesel outline loco
Loco Number plates for the owner of 'Maggie' shown earlier.

These plates measure 40mm x 20mm.

Plates for a larger type loco.

These plates measure 200mm x 40mm and 12.5mm thick.

Plates for a 4" scale version of the Bagnall NG loco 'Pixie'

Plates for a 4" scale Milner Hunslet

Plates for another 4" scale Milner Hunslet

Plates for a loco of unknown type

Plates for yet another 4" scale Milner Hunslet....

As we broaden our net....

We anitcipate that Clock faces and other parts will become quite a large part of our repertoire.

Here's a plate in the style of the Isle of Wight Railway locos
Plate for a 7.25" Lynton and Barnstable loco
Plates for a 5" gauge Loco

Loco number and and Makers Plates in 3/8" thick Brass

Here are those plates now comfortably at home on their loco

Three more Nameplates for Roanoke. The larger plates measure 3" x 18" and 5/16" thick.

Traction Engine Nameplate

4" Scale Traction Engine Nameplate

Nameplates for 7.25" Romulus

Nameplates for 3.5" Conway

Splasher Plates for 5" Maid of Kent

Operator and Name Plates for 6" Traction Engine

Works and Splasher Plates for 5" Gauge GWR 'King'

A couple of ideas for a Narrowboat Chandler

Nameplates for 4" scale Milner Hunslet
Different Locos, same owner.
Full set of Name, Works and Operator's plates for an L&B loco, the only one having all plate lettering raised.

Plates for a Loco, the scale not known.
Commercial Plate as an Oval, 200mm x 130mm
Similar plate produced as a rectangle
Plates for a 5" Gauge Loco, the design can be guessed..
9" x 5" Owner's plate for a Loco at Statfold Barn Railway

Click here to see the finished plate

Plates for two Narrow gauge 7.25" locos owned by the same person.
Plate for a Steam Launch built by the owner in the USA
Blank Gear Wheel for a Horologist
Smokebox logo for a Steam Waggon. This one is 6" scale, although once we have drawn the job it can be made to any size with the proportions staying the same.
Traction engine style nameplate, also destined for a 6" Foden Steam Waggon being bulit by a MSRVS member.